Instructions - English

Throw-Saw working instructions

Begin to study the object that will be cut down, carefully.

It is important that the cut is placed where it makes the best result.
It is also very important that falling tree pieces cannot hurt You, Your partner or other facilities when they are falling down.
 NOTE! Treetops and branches can bounce for a long distance.

When the cutting position is decided you place yourself and the THROW‐SAW in a suitable position. Start with cleaning the ground from obstacles that can interfere. Place the THROW‐SAW on the ground and open the lead.

In the bag you will find 2 pulling handles (and a service kit in Throw‐Saw Concept). Lift them out and place them on the ground.
You will find a throw bag of 350 gram connected with 2x25 meter throw-saw line mounted with a carbine in the middle.
Place the Throw‐Saw bag to the left of you if you are right handed. Grip the line with your right hand between your fingers and let the weight sail free 40‐60 cm from the ground. Hold the rest of the line with your open left hand above the Throw‐Saw bag. Start pendle with the weight and aim at the same time. When you find a good rhythm you let it go and it will place the line over the position you have choosed for cutting.  

Your partner as standing on the other side, (do not stand under hang up trees or other obstacles), starts to pull over the line to him self. When the carbine appears in the middle of the line (25 meter) you open up the top lead of the Throw‐Saw bag. The chain is placed in an oil resistant bag. Mount the chain with the carbine and the other carbine on the flip-tab. Now you can pull up the chain to the position you have chosen for cutting.

The chain has a flip tab so the tooth of the chain always ends up in the right position for cutting. Now it is very important that you and your partner place yourself at a safe position.

(TIP! Start cutting in a more narrow position to make sure that the chain cuts right)

Treetops and limbs of the tree can bounce for long distances and cause damage.
When you have found a safe position you can apply the pulling handle on the line with a clove hitch knot. Grip the handle only inside your hand not around the hand for safety. Stretch the line and make sure that you have equal much of chain on booth sides of you and your partner. Decide who of you who will start to pull. Saw firmly but distinct.

When the work is done place the details back in the bag as you found them.

Do not forget to put oil on the chain after every time you used it. - very important